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Aeroquip High Pressure Hose

Four and Six Spiral Wire and Other High Performance Hoses.


FC254 FC636 FC736
FC273 FC659 GH493
Aeroquip Low & Medium Pressure Hose

Aeroquip Double and Single Wire Braid Hose
Suction,Transfer, Hydraulic Fluids, Fuel, Water, Air, Return Lines and Fire Resistant. 

2661 FC598 FC735 GH663
2781 FC619 GH120 GH781
FC310 FC639 GH194 GH793
FC510 FC693 GH195  
Aeroquip Specialty & Truck Hose

Truck, Engine, Brake, High Temperature Fuel and Oil, Hot Air and Steam,
Compressor Discharge, Pressure washer, and Other Specialty Hoses.


303/302A 2651 FC321 FC465
1503 2807 FC332 FC647
2556/2565 FC234 FC350 S-TW
2575 FC300 FC414  
Eaton Synflex Thermoplastic Hose

Eaton combines the versatility of Synflex® thermoplastic technology with the industry’s broadest experience base to produce
hose solutions for the world’s toughest applications. Synflex products include hydraulic and pneumatic hose, airbrake
tubing, diesel fuel tubing, food and beverage process tubing, and a complete line of subsea hydraulic and blow out prevention (BOP)
products for offshore oil drilling and production in sizes up to one inch for pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Low & Medium Pressure Hose 3R30 3130 3740 37AL 3580      
Constant, High & Very High Pressure Hose 25CT 30CT 3R80 3E80 3800 3V10 3VE0  
Twin-Line, Tri-Line, Multi-Line Hose 3130 37AL 30CT          
Air & Water Hose 3630 34PW 3440 34BA 35NG 4225 FC701 FC702
Truck Hose & Tubing 15CA 3SCE 4245 4247 3270 4294 4297 4KGEN
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