01014446502 Thermoid 500 PSI Zephyr Air Hose - 50ft - 2" ID

01014446502 Thermoid



Zephyr is an industrial strength high-pressure, wire-braid air hose. It is well suited for multiple uses in air tool and air activated equipment. It has applications for use in either construction or industrial environments. Zephyr Air hose features a variety of hose construction designs, sizes and working pressures to fit your application. In the 1/2" I.D. to 1" I.D. sizes, Zephyr features a SBR/NBR tube. In 1-1/4" I.D. or larger sizes, Zephyr has an EPDM tube. All hose sizes are reinforced with heavy-duty, spiral wire braids to provide excellent strength and durability. Zephyr’s cover consists of a NBR/PVC compound in the 1/2" I.D. to 1" I.D. sizes. EPDM is the cover compound for sizes 1-1/4" I.D. and larger. All hose sizes have a distinct yellow cover that is abrasion, kink and ozone resistant. Zephyr Air hose provides a dependable and constant working pressure. Zephyr has 3 different working pressure ranges to select from, including 500, 650 or 1000 psi. This durable, high-pressure air hose delivers smooth, trouble-free performance. It is available in sizes and lengths to fit your requirements.








Application: Zephyr is an industrial strength high-pressure, wire-braid air hose. SAE Rating: N/A
Other Ratings: N/A Tube: SBR/NBR, RMA Class C: 1/2" to 1"
EPDM, RMA Class C: 1-1/4" and over
Reinforcement: One or multiple wire braids Cover: NBR/PVC, RMA Class A: 1/2" to 1"
EPDM, RMA Class C: 1-1/4" and over
Temperature Range: -40 Deg. F to +180 Deg. F (-40 Deg. C to +82 Deg. C) Crimp Fittings: N/A
Reusable Fittings: N/A    
Other Features:


Part Number Nominal Inside
Nominal Outside
Working Pressure
Min. Bend
22441328662 .50" .81" 1 1000 3.00" 0.32
22441488662 .75" 1.13" 1 1000 4.50" 0.44
22441648662 1" 1.38" 1 1000 7.00" 0.77
01014444502 1.25" 1.81" 1 650 8.75" 0.90
01014445502 1.50" 2.00" 1 500 10.50" 1.00
01014446502 2" 2.50" 2 500 14.00" 1.40
01014447502 2.50" 3.13" 2 400 15.00" 1.80



Bulk / By the Foot : We sell hose in Bulk Lengths unless you agree to purchase at a by the foot price as listed above in an options selector. This means we make every effort to provide exact single lengths, however with manufacturer guidelines on bulk hose, your order may come in multiple lengths and may be plus or minus 10% of your bulk order. If you require ONE length in a specific length you must specify by the drop down selector that you will be paying a premium for a single length. There are no exceptions to the bulk guidelines and all prices listed on our website are in bulk price. By ordering through our website you agree that you have read, fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions.


More Information
Part Number 01014446502
Location bx50
Inside Diameter 2"
Outside Diameter 2.50"
Series Zephyr Air
Color Yellow
Minimum Bend Radius 14.00"
Application Construction, Industrial
Tube EPDM, RMA Class
Reinforcement One or Multiple Wire Braids
Temperature Range -40 Deg. F to 180 Deg. F, -40 Deg. C to 82 Deg. C
Working Pressure 500 PSI
Cover EPDM, RMA Class C
Reinforcement Spirals 2
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