16WSDP-A Dixon 2" Aluminum Dust Plug for WS Series High Pressure & Blowout Prevention Safety Couplers

16WSDP-A Dixon


WS Series Fittings - Dust Plugs for Blowout Prevention Safety & High Pressure WS Series Fittings - Aluminum


  • Designed for hazardous area service where couplings are required to operate under fire conditions in an emergency.
  • Lanyard: stainless steel bead chain.
  • High Pressure Wingstyle Interchange.
  • Interchanges with Snap-Tite 75-Series, Hydraulics Inc. Series-5TV.

Part Number Coupler Size For use with: Weight
    WS Series
High Pressure
WS Series
Blowout Prevention
Safety Couplers
6WSDP-A 3/4" 6WSF6 3/4" Coupler 6WSF6-BOP 3/4" Coupler 0.3200
8WSDP-A 1" 8WSF8 1" Coupler 8WSF8-BOP 1" Coupler 0.6200
10WSDP-A 1-1/4" 10WSF10 1-1/4" Coupler 10WSF10-BOP 1-1/4" Coupler 0.9300
12WSDP-A 1-1/2" 12WSF12 1-1/2" Coupler 12WSF12-BOP 1-1/2" Coupler 1.4200
16WSDP-A 2" 16WSF16 2" Coupler 16WSF16-BOP 2" Coupler 2.2800

More Information
Part Number 16WSDP-A
Location No
Material No
Application No
Size No
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