Aeroquip branded products are known for their adherence to quality and dependability in the field. With a strong foundation in the aviation field, Aeroquip is better in every way when it comes to the raw materials, fabrication process and quality control. When you use the Eaton and Eaton Aeroquip products, you know you are getting the longest life out of your hose and dependability when it counts, which results in less down time, fewer change outs and saves you money over the life of your equipment.

Aeroquip Branded Products:

Aeroquip Hose

Aeroquip Fittings

Aeroquip Adapters

Aeroquip Hose Accessories

Aeroquip Tools and Equipment

Aeroquip Quick Disconnects

Aeroquip Aerospace Products

Aeroquip Marine/Military

Eaton Multi-Channel Producst:

Eaton Flexmaster Joints

Eaton Swivel Joints

Eaton EZ-Clip A/C

Eaton Hansen Couplers

Eaton Industrial (Boston)

Eaton Everflex

Eaton Synflex Thermoplastic

Eaton Brass & Pneumatic