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Banjo Corporation joined IDEX Fluid & Metering Technologies Division in 2006 to strengthen and complement IDEX's global position in delivering complete fluidics solutions to Agricultural and Industrial industries. Today, Banjo is a world-class producer of a wide range of mechanical and electrical valves, fittings, and self-priming centrifugal pumps for agriculture and numerous industrial applications that ship to every corner of the globe.
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RSTB Banjo Pipe Sealant - RectorSeal® Tru-Blu™ (8 oz Can)
  • $14.43
RSTB-2 Banjo Pipe Sealant - RectorSeal® Tru-Blu™ w/TFE (2 oz Tube)
  • $4.74
RS21 Banjo Pipe Sealant - RectorSeal® No. 21™ (8 oz Can)
  • $15.27