KM21 Dixon Valve 1/4" Steel King Hose Mender for 1 Clamp Each End

  • $6.16
  • Not for compressible products such as air, nitrogen or steam.
  • The working pressure may vary with the construction of the hose, the type of clamping system used and the application.
  • In accordance with the R.M.A. bulletin for oil suction and discharge hose, a coupled length of hose in any size, should be tested to 1-1/2 times the working pressure and held for fifteen minutes without leaking or coupling movement. For additional information and detailed instruction on testing procedures, see the Rubber Manufacturers Association (R.M.A.) handbook.
Part Number Size Weight (Lbs.)
KM21 1/4" 0.0300
KM251 5/16" 0.0320
KM41 1/2" 0.0645
KM51 5/8" 0.0625
KM61 3/4" 0.1150
KM81 1" 0.1450
KM101 1-1/4" 0.2600
KM121 1-1/2" 0.2600