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Dixon, founded in 1916, is a premier manufacturer and supplier of hose couplings, valves, dry-disconnects, swivels, and other fluid transfer and control products. The company’s global reach includes a wide range of products for numerous industries including petroleum exploration, refining, transportation, chemical processing, food & beverage, steel, fire protection, construction, mining and manufacturing. Dixon’s strategic objective is to create solutions that make products safer, leak-free, longer lasting, and always available.
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4 products found in Dixon Valve and Coupling

J500 Dixon Valve 12-3/4" Sash Chain with Pull Rings
  • $8.32
J300 Dixon Valve 8-1/2" Sash Chain with Pull Rings
  • $5.92
J150 Dixon Valve 6-1/2" Sash Chain with Pull Rings
  • $4.53
J125 Dixon Valve 4-1/2" Sash Chain with Pull Rings
  • $5.21