7896x4 Eaton Aeroquip Tube Nut Long (1/4 Tube OD)

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Typical Applications:
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Power Steering
  • Fuel Lines
  • Transmission Cooler Lines
  • LP and Natural Gas (special order)
Advantages: Very low cost and reusable. Seats and threads are internal and protected. Compact, excellent vibration life. Short nut affords very close tube bends. Steel or brass tube nut.
Conformance: Listed by Underwriter's Laboratories (available on special order) for fuel equipment, refrigeration and gas. Meets specifications and standards of ASA, ASME, SAE and MS (Military Standards).
Pressure: Working pressure up to 2000 psi depending on tube size. Will withstand burst pressure of standard tubing - up to 5000 psi with bundy-weld (double flared) and 3500 psi with copper tubing, depending on size.
Vibration: Excellent resistance
Temperature Range: -65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C) range at maximum operating pressures.
Material: CA360 Brass
Used with: Copper,brass,aluminum and steel hydraulic tubing that can be flared. Material Compatibility
Tube O.D. Part No.
3/16 7896x3
1/4 7896x4