1-Genesis-StatPath-Plus-25 Flexaust #5991000125 Genesis StatPath Plus 1 inch Material Handling Duct Hose - 25ft

  • $38.00
  • (Unit Price: $1.52 per ft.)


Applications: Auto Tellers, Bus Ventilation, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Paper Trim Conduit, Printing, Sprayers, Static Control SAE Rating: N/A
Other Ratings: N/A Tube: Light weight black polyethylene conductive copolymer with a yellow skimcoat
Reinforcement: Integral polyethylene helix Cover: N/A
Temperature Range: -40 deg. F to 140 deg. F Crimp Fittings: N/A
Reusable Fittings: N/A
Other Features:
  • Conductive.
  • Surface Resistivity Level: 103-105 Ohms/Square.
  • Smooth interior assures efficient air flow.
  • Ideal for industrial vacuum & light bulk material applications where static may be an issue.
  • Superior external abrasion resistance.
  • Crush resistant.
Part Number 25 ft Reels Part Number 50 ft Reels Inside Diameter Wall Thickness (In) Centerline Bend Radius (In) Compression Ratio Negative Pressure (In/Hg) Working Pressure (PSI) Weight - 25ft (Lbs/Ft) Weight - 50ft (Lbs/Ft)
StatPath Plus 1in StatPath Plus 1in 1" N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
StatPath Plus 1.25in StatPath Plus 1.25in 1.25" N/A 2.5" N/A 29 20 5.75 lbs 11.5 lbs
StatPath Plus 1.5in StatPath Plus 1.5in 1.5" N/A 3.25" N/A 29 18 7 lbs 14 lbs
StatPath Plus 2in StatPath Plus 2in 2" N/A 4.5" N/A 29 15 12 lbs 24 lbs

Technical data based on 2 ft. straight lengths of hose @ 72 deg.