CMCW-1000 Kuriyama tiger Extendo-Duct Air Ducting Hose Cuffs - White - Thickness: 5mm - Cuff Length: ID 2.52 - OD 2.52

  • $57.15


Application: Air Vent Lines, Dust Collection, Fume Removal Room Air Exhaust, RV Plumbing, Spot Cooling, Ducting Vapor Recovery SAE Rating: N/A
Other Ratings: N/A Tube: N/A
Reinforcement: N/A Cover: N/A
Temperature Range: N/A Crimp Fittings: N/A
Reusable Fittings: N/A Specifications N/A
Other Features:
  • For use on Extendo-Duct Air Ducting Hose.
  • Highly flexible-Eliminates the need for elbow fittings.
  • Non-kinking - Permits full airflow, even with 90 deg. bends.
  • Self-supporting - Unique wire-reinforced polypropylene construction allows hose to maintain its shape and support itself once it is positioned. Note: Applications requiring larger IDs and longer lengths may require additional fixed supports to ensure intended performance.
  • Highly extendible and contractible - Hose extends easily and can be contracted to approximately one-third of its full extended working length for storage, shipping, or where the full length is not required... requires less storage space, reduces transportation costs (a 20' length can be shipped via UPS). Note: The true ID dimension of the hose can only be measured while the hose is fully extended. The true ID becomes smaller while the hose is in the contracted state.
  • Simple interlock connection - Joining two pieces of Extendo-Duct; is easy! Just twist the end of one hose into the end of another. No fittings, menders or couplings needed!
  • Light weight - a twenty-foot length of 12" diameter Extendo-Ductweighs approximately 18 Ibs. Makes difficult installations easier, reduces installation costs.
  • Chemically-resistant, with no off-gassing - Inert polypropylene material produces no off-gassing and is resistant to a wide variety of chemical fumes, making Extendo-Duct; ideal for clean room and chemical fume exhaust applications
  • Wide range of working temperatures - Extendo - Duct is suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -4 deg. F (-20 deg. C) to 175 deg. F(80 deg. C).
Part Number L Total Length A Cuff Length Outside B Cuff Length Inside T Thickness
Brown White (in.) (in.) (in.) (mm.)
CMCB-150 CMCW-150 2.76" 1.38" 1.57" 3mm
CMCB-200 CMCW-200 2.76" 1.38" 1.57" 3mm
CMCB-250 CMCW-250 2.76" 1.38" 1.57" 3mm
CMCB-300 CMCW-300 3.15" 1.57" 1.77" 3mm
CMCB-400 CMCW-400 3.54" 1.77" 1.97" 3mm
CMCB-500 CMCW-500 3.74" 1.77" 1.93" 3.5mm
CMCB-600 CMCW-600 3.94" 1.77" 2.17" 3mm
CMCB-800 CMCW-800 3.94" 1.89" 2.05" 5mm
CMCB-1000 CMCW-1000 5.04" 2.52" 2.52" 5mm
CMCB-1200 CMCW-1200 5.04" 2.52" 2.52" 5mm