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Kuriyama Hydraulic Hoses

Kuriyama hydraulic hoses are part of an expansive product line that consists of thermoplastic, rubber, and metal hose products. Kuriyama’s line of products includes accessories, couplings, and fittings, all created to keep your hydraulic systems running the way they were intended. 

Two of Kuriyama’s top products, the Tigerflex™ Series hose and the Piranhaflex™ Series hose, are composed of three individual components that are bonded together to ensure maximum performance. Experience the difference these high-quality parts make in your systems.  

Kuriyama hydraulic hoses are part of a new category for Hose Warehouse. Please contact us for price and availability as we get the parts added to our system. Email: 

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SLV-VLT4X3 Kuriyama Tigerflex SLV-VLT Series Clear, Food Grade, High-Profile, Counterclockwise Helix Banding Sleeve - Flexible PVC - 4" - 3ft
  • $28.90