100MS ZSi-Foster Quick Disconnect FST Series Socket - Straight Thru - 1" MPT - Brass

  • $20.72
  • Straight-Thru Industrial Interchange.
  • Standard industrial interchange design, most widely used in industry. Within each series, only sockets and plugs of the same size will couple together.
  • Type: FST Straight-Thru, No valve in either socket or plug.
  • Operation: Manual - Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect.
  • Options: Ball Lock (BL) - Locks socket against accidental disconnect. To connect, align ball with slot. After connection, rotate sleeve to lock. To disconnect, realign ball with slot and retract sleeve.
  • Seal Compound: Standard seals are Buna-N
  • Performance Data Flow: Couplers have same inside diameter as nominal pipe.
  • Rated Pressure: Rated pressures as defined by ANSI/B93.2-1986, based on 4:1 Safety Factor and non-shock service.
  • Vacuum Service: 27" Hg maximum
  • NOTE: Only Sockets & Plugs with same prefix digits connect together. Example: 25FS & 25MPB
Additional Information:
Female CouplerPart Number Male PlugPart Number MPT Size Description Drawing
12MS 12MP 12MPB 12MPS 1/8" Brass 12MS.pdf
BL12MS - 1/8" Ball Lock, Brass N/A
25MS 25MP 25MPB 25MPS 1/4" Brass 25MS.pdf
BL25MS - 1/4" Ball Lock, Brass N/A
25MS-101 - 1/4" Brass, w/Viton Seal 25MS-101.pdf
38MS 38MP 38MPB 38MPS 3/8" Brass 38MS.pdf
38MS-101 - 3/8" Brass, w/Viton Seal 38MS-101.pdf
BL38MS - 3/8" Ball Lock, Brass N/A
50MS 50MP 50MPB 50MPS 1/2" Brass 50MS.pdf
50MS-101 - 1/2" Brass, w/Viton Seal 50MS-101.pdf
BL50MS - 1/2" Ball Lock, Brass N/A
75MS 75MP 75MPB 75MPS 3/4" Brass 75MS.pdf
BL75MS - 3/4" Ball Lock, Brass N/A
100MS 100MP 100MPB 100MPS 1" Brass 100MS.pdf
BL100MS - 1" Ball Lock, Brass N/A