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E-Z Clip A/C / Refrigerant Hose SAE 100R5 Reusable Fitting Hose
GH001 EverCool Multi-Refrigerant Hose FC558 SAE J2064 Type B for R-134a Refrigerant ONLY
FC505 (-04 ONLY) Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Hose FC802 SAE J51 Type D Multi-Refrigerant Hose (HFC 134a, R-12, R401B, R-22)
GH134 Multi-Refrigerant Hose

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  1. GH134-8 Eaton Aeroquip SAE J2064 Type E Class 1 E-Z Clip Multi-Refrigerant Hose GH134-08 ** Manufacture Discontinued - Replaced by GH001-8

    Manufacture Discontinued - Replaced by GH001-8 Learn More

Items 1-20 of 21