GH134-8 Eaton Aeroquip SAE J2064 Type E Class 1 E-Z Clip Multi-Refrigerant Hose GH134-08 ** Manufacture Discontinued - Replaced by GH001-8

GH134-8 Eaton
Manufacture Discontinued - Replaced by GH001-8

Item DiscontinuedUse GH001-8 Aeroquip EZ Clip Hose as a direct replacement.


Eaton Aeroquip E-Z Clip System™
SAE J2064 Type E Class 1
GH134 Multi-Refrigerant Hose


Application: Transportation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. SAE Rating: SAE J2064 Type E Class 1
Other Ratings: N/A R404a
.2 lbs./ft 2/yr. at 140°F (.8kg./m 2/yr. at 60° C)
HFC 134a
.50 lbs./ft 2/yr. at 176°F (.8kg./m 2/yr. at 60°C) Moisture
.08 gr./in 2/yr. (.013/cm 2/yr)
-40°F to +275°F (-40°C to +135°C) E-Z Clip Fittings: E-Z Clip Fittings
  • Internal Polymide veneer tube

  • Synthetic-rubber backing layer

  • Stabilized, synthetic braided reinforcement

  • Chlorobutyl rubber cover

  • E-Z Clip Fittings
  • Excellent effusion resistance

  • Maximum resistance to moisture ingression

  • Extended service performance

  • Superior flexibility

  • Assured coupling integrity, exceeds SAE J2064 performance

Part NumberHose I.D.Hose O.D.Max. Operating
Min. Burst
Min. Bend
GH134-6 0.31 0.58 500 2000 2.00 0.09
GH134-8 0.41 0.70 500 2000 2.50 0.12
GH134-10 0.50 0.78 500 2000 3.00 0.15
GH134-12 0.63 0.98 500 2000 4.00 0.18
GH134-16 0.88 1.23 500 2000 7.00 0.22

E-Z Clip has been designed and engineered to work EXCLUSIVELY with Aeroquip GH134 hose.
Size -04 has been designed to work with FC505 hose.
For information regarding other refrigerants and lubricants, please contact Eaton customer service at 952-937-9800.

Note: Every attempt has been taken to provide accurate detailed usable information online, however please consult Eaton and Eaton Aeroquip handbooks
for the most accurate and up to date data and specifics. All liability of Eaton products warrantied and guaranteed by manufacturer.

Warning! Eaton hose and fittings are engineered to match Eaton Aeroquip hose and fitting tolerances. The use of Eaton fittings on hose supplied by other
manufacturers may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended or authorized by Eaton Corporation,
Murdock Industrial Inc., or any other entity. Consult current master catalog for additional warnings and cautions.

Bulk / By the Foot: We sell hose in Bulk Lengths unless you agree to purchase at a by the foot price as listed above in an options selector.
This means we make every effort to provide exact single lengths, however with Eaton Aeroquip guidelines on bulk hose, your order may come
in multiple lengths and may be plus or minus 10% of your bulk order. If you require ONE length in a specific length you must specify by the drop
down selector that you will be paying a premium for a single length. There are no exceptions to the bulk guidelines and all prices listed on our website
are in bulk price. By ordering through our website you agree that you have read, fully understand and agree to these terms and conditions.

More Information
Part Number GH134-8
Location No
Hose Dash Size 8
Inside Diameter .41
Outside Diameter .70
Operating Pressure (psi) 500
Minimum Burst (psi) 2000
Series GH134
Minimum Bend Radius 2.50
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