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Banjo Liquid Handling Products

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Banjo Liquid Handling Valves are designed to be used in various Agriculture and Industrial liquid applications, while providing high quality liquid handling solutions. Every one of Banjo's valves are manufactured and/or assembled locally in the U.S. Banjo Valves are available in glass injected Polypropylene and stainless steel materials, with operating pressure ranging from 100 - 1,000 PSI depending on type and material. Banjo also offers a wide range of replacement parts for it's valves.


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  1. MCV301V Banjo 3" Full Port Manifold Check Valve 1/2# Spring - FKM

  2. MCV301 Banjo 3" Full Port Manifold Check Valve with 1/2# Spring

  3. MCV205 Banjo 2" Manifold Check Valve with 5" Spring

  4. MBP200G2 Banjo Large O-Ring for MBP200 Assembly

  5. MBP200G1 Banjo Small O-Ring for MBP200 Assembly

  6. MBF335BD Banjo 3" Manifold with 3" Bottom Drain, EPDM 3.5" BL

  7. MBF222BD Banjo 2" Full Port Bottom Drain Bolted Flange With 3-1/4" Bolt

  8. MBF205BD Banjo 2" Flange Bottom Drain Tank Fitting with 3-1/4" Bolt

  9. MBF235 Banjo 2" Manifold Tank Flange 3-1/2" Bolt

  10. MBF229 Banjo 2" Full Port Manifold Tank Flange 3-1/2" Bolts

Items 1-20 of 2931

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