M101TEE Banjo 1" Flanged Tee - Long (Pack of 10)

M101TEE Banjo


Banjo Manifold Flange Connections - Manifold Fittings - Flanged Couplings - Tee

  • Fluids
  • Positive seals.
  • Quick & easy assembly.
  • Easy On/Off hose connections.
  • 1" & 2" fittings pressure to 150 PSI at 70 deg. F.
  • 3" fittings pressure to 125 PSI at 70 deg. F.

Part NumberEnd TypeDrawing
M100TEE 1" Flanged Tee M100TEE.pdf
M100TEEC1 1" Manifold Tee With 1/4" Port N/A
M200100TEEC1 2" Standard Port x 1" Manifold Tee with 3/8" Port N/A
M101TEE 1" Flanged Tee - Long M101TEE.pdf
M200100TEE 2" Port x 1" Flanged Tee M200100TEE.pdf
M200TEE 2" Port Flanged Tee M200TEE.pdf
M200100TEEB 2" x 1" Port Flanged Tee w/Mounting Bracket M200100TEEB.pdf
M220100TEE 2" Full Port Flanged Tee x 1" Flanged Tee M220100TEE.pdf
M220200TEE 2" Full Port Flanged Tee x 2" Flanged Tee M220200TEE.pdf
M220TEE 2" Full Port Flanged Tee M220TEE.pdf
M200TEEV075 2" Standard Venturi Tee with 3/4" Induct N/A
M200300TEG075 2" x 2" x 3" Manifold Tee with 3/4" Thread Port N/A
M300TEE 3" Flanged Tee M300TEE.pdf
M201TEEV Machined Venturi Body for M200TEE Electric Valve N/A
M203TEEV Venturi Tee Body N/A
More Information
Part Number M101TEE
Orientation No
Application No
Size No
End Type No
Gender No
Flange End No
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