112DSK Dixon Valve Pressure Nozzle Replacement Part - Main Poppet, 2nd Poppet, Cap O-ring, Valve Stem

  • $54.84
Safety Notes:
  • All fuel contains additives, which can vary by fuel brand and season. Please contact Dixon (877-963-4966) with a list of all additives and they can advise of any known compatibility issues.
Part Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
1143A Aluminum Replacement Spout for 114D 0.4400
1125A Aluminum Replacement Spout for 112D 0.6400
112DSK Main Poppet, 2nd Poppet, Cap O-Ring, Valve Stem 0.4100
114DAL-AV-19 Blank Plate to Replace Ratchet Plate if Ratchet not Required 0.0100
114DSK Main poppet assembly, secondary poppet assembly, Buna cap O-ring, valve stem assembly, sleeve stem packing, valve stem guide & O-ring, valve stem O-ring, valve stem packing, valve stem nut 0.3100