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12270 (12-270) Midland | Inverted Flare Fitting | Metric Tube Nut | 6mm Imported | M12 x 1.0 Bubble Thread | Zinc Steel

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Midland Industries
Brass Fitting - Inverted Flare Fitting - Metric Tube Nut - Zinc Steel

SKU 12270 Midland
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Applications: Hydraulic brake, power steering, fuel lines and transmission cooler lines, LP and natural gas. Used With: Copper, brass, aluminum and steel hydraulic tubing that can be flared.
SAE Rating: N/A Conformance: Meets specifications and standards of ASA, ASME, SAE and MS (Military Standards).
Vibration: Excellent resistance. Temperature Range: -65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C) range at maximum operating pressures.
Advantages: Very low cost and reusable. Seats and threads are internal and protected. Compact, excellent vibration life. Short nut affords very close tube bends. Tolerance: +/- .03 on all dimensions.
Working Pressure Ranges:
  • Temperature and type of tubing used are important factors. However, the following table is a good guide for proper selection. Temperature 73°F with copper tubing:
Assembly Instructions:
  • 1) Cut tubing to desired length. Make sure all burrs are removed and ends are cut square.
  • 2) Slide nut on tube. Threaded end "A" of nut must face out.
  • 3) Flare end of tube with a 450 flaring tool.
    • A) Measure flare diameter
    • B) Examine flare for excessive thin out.
    • C) On thin wall, welded or brazed tubing, use double flare to prevent pinch-off and cracked flares.
  • 4) Lubricate threads and assemble to fitting body. Nut should be turned hand tight.
Tube OD 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1"
Thread OD
(Threads per inch)
5/16-28 3/8-24 7/16-24 1/2-20 5/8-18 11/16-18 3/4-18 7/8-18 1-1/16-16 1-3/16-16 1-5/16-16
Standard Metric Threads:
Tube Size
Thread OD Crest
Japanese 3/16" 10mm 1.0mm M10 x 1.0
European 3/16" 10mm 1.0mm M10 x 1.0
GM 6mm 12mm 1.0mm M12 x 1.0
Fuel 5/16" 14mm 1.5mm M14 x 1.5
Fuel 3/8" 16mm 1.5mm M16 x 1.5
Measuring Metric Threads: Measure the O.D. of the threads and the crest to crest distance (pitch) in millimeters between threads.
Part Number Tube Size Thread REF#
3/16 British 3/8-24 Bubble -
3/16 European M10 x 1.0 Bubble 276110
3/16 Japanese M10 x 1.0 Inv. 121050
3/16 Domestic 1/2 x 20 Inv -
3/16 Domestic 9/16 - 18 Inv 121039
3/16 Imported M11 x 1.5 Bubble 276011
3/16 Imported M12 x 1.0 Bubble 276012
1/4 Domestic 9/16 x 18 Inv 121049
1/4 Domestic 1/2 x 20 Inv. 121045
6mm Imported M12 x 1.0 Bubble -
6mm GM M12 x 1.0 Bubble -
5/16 Domestic M14 x 1.5 Surface Seal 121069
3/8 Domestic M16 x 1.5 Surface Seal 121070