4314-52 Dixon Valve Series 1 Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator Accessories - Quick-Clamp and Bracket Assembly - used on F73, F74, R73, R74, L73, L74

  • $18.04
    Quick Clamp:
  • Provides modular installation capability.
  • Flanges on the products slide into V grooves in clamp.
  • Face-sealing O-rings provide a positive seal when clamp is closed and screw tightened.
  • Bracket for Quick Clamp:
  • Provides secure mounting to a wall, machine panel or other flat surface.
Part Number Description Used on Weight (Lbs.)
4214-51 quick-clamp F72, R72, L72 0.1750
4384-570 quick-clamp service kit (2 O-rings) F72, R72, L72 0.0100
4213-89 wall bracket for quick-clamp (uses 3/16" screws) F72, R72, L72 0.1100
4214-52 quick-clamp and bracket assembly F72, R72, L72 0.2800
4314-51 quick-clamp F73, F74, R73, R74, L73, L74 0.4300
4384-770 quick-clamp service kit (2 O-rings) F73, F74, R73, R74, L73, L74 0.0200
4313-50 wall bracket for quick-clamp (uses 7/32" screws) F73, F74, R73, R74, L73, L74 0.2600
4314-52 quick-clamp and bracket assembly F73, F74, R73, R74, L73, L74 0.6800