45HTFXTFAL00000 Dixon Valve 4" Aluminum Style 50 TTMA Flange x TTMA Flange Swivel Joint - Buna-N Pressure Seal - Carbon Steel Ball Bearings

  • $771.39
  • Loading arm, hose loaders
  • The O-ring pressure seal ensures a leak-proof seal at either high or low pressure and smoother rotation at lower toques than multiple seal designs.
Safety Notes:
  • The swivel should be packed so that the surfaces coming in contact with the fluid being handled are compatible with that fluid. In the case of the use of the swivel in submerged service this would include the dust seals and ball bearings.
  • Dixon always recommends the use of stainless steel ball bearings when building a swivel for submerged service since the standard carbon steel bearings could rust together making it impossible to disassemble the swivel and possibly affecting its operation.
Part Number Size Pressure Seal Dust Seal Retainer Ball Bearings Grease Weight (Lbs.)
45HTFXTFAL00000 4" Buna-N Buna-N No Retainers Carbon Steel Standard N/A