BH100EZ Dixon Valve 1" Brass EZ Boss-Lock Type H Dust Cap

  • $55.81
  • Designed for use with liquids.
  • Resistant to accidential disconnection when being dragged, and alerts you if it is not properly engaged.
  • Has no sliding pins to jam or pop open.
  • Supplied standard with a Buna-N gasket.
  • Produced to Commercial Item Description A-A-59326D.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Rotating action helps keep the locking device free of debris.
  • Designed to protect critical parts from impact and to withstand rugged use.
  • Easy to use in restricted spaces.
  • Dust caps are not to be used in pressure applications for safety and environmental reasons.
  • Under no circumstances should the EZ Boss-Lock cam arms be used on any fitting not specifically designed for their use.
Part Number Size Weight (Lbs.)
BH100EZ 1" 0.8610
BH150EZ 1-1/2" 1.7800
BH200EZ 2" 2.6000
BH300EZ 3" 3.9400