BSS61-300 Dixon Valve 3" Anodized Aluminum Bayonet Style Dry Disconnect Straight Swivel Coupler x Female NPT with Buna Seal

  • $675.80
  • Bayonet dry disconnect fittings are ideally suited for the spill-less transfer of petroleum products such as fuel oil, lube oil blending, and tank truck delivery.
  • The design of the Bayco bayonet dry disconnect system ensures a spill free connection, fluid cannot flow until couplings are connected together and the valve is opened.
  • The coupling can then not be disconnected until the valve handle is closed.
  • Canadian registration number CRN# OH14055 all provinces.
  • Helps eliminate the possibility of costly spills.
  • Interchangeable with the Emco Wheaton™ Dry Break™.
  • Rubber dust plugs with stainless steel chains are available to protect the coupler from contamination and damage. (BCP-200 and BCP-300)
Safety Notes:
  • Maximum pressure rating is based on PSI at 70 deg. F, for pressure ratings at other temperatures contact Dixon.
Part Number Size Seal Material Max Operating Pressure Weight (Lbs.)
BSS61-200 2" Buna 85 PSI 3.4000
BSS62-200 2" FKM 85 PSI 3.4600
BSS61-300 3" Buna 85 PSI 9.4000
BSS62-300 3" FKM 85 PSI 9.3600