M2S3 Dixon Valve Steel M-Series Quick Disconnect 1/4" ARO Interchange Pneumatic Nipple - Standard Hose Barb - 3/8" Hose ID

  • $1.89
  • Rated pressure for connected Auto Steel Coupler & Steel Plug: 300 PSI (20 bar) Maximum Working and 2,600 PSI (179 bar) Burst
  • Rated pressure for connected Manual Steel Coupler & Steel Plug: 300 PSI (20 bar) Maximum Working and 12,400 PSI (855 bar) Burst
  • Temperature Range: -40 deg. F to +250 deg. F (-40 deg. C to +121 deg. C)
  • Machined components are manufactured using solid bar stock.
  • Steel componentry is plated using ROHS Compliant Trivalent Chrome.
Compatibility & Interchange Data:
  • ARO 210/310
  • Hansen 210/310
  • Parker 50 Series
  • Amflow Type 'B'
Safety Notes:
  • It is important to be safe when installing quick disconnect couplings into a pneumatic circuit. Never install a pneumatic coupling directly into an air tool, use a piece of hose that is at least 18" long, between the tool and the coupling, to prevent damage to the coupling. To protect the operator, safety devices, such as a safety check valve and safety cable should be installed in case there is a hose or coupling failure.
  • Operating pressure for couplings utilizing hose barb connections may be dramatically reduced to that of the hose rating and/or hose end connection combination. Consult hose manufacturer's catalog for hose end connection ratings. If in doubt, test under controlled conditions for suitability to application.
  • Dixon cannot assume liability for misapplication of production resulting in equipment down-time, lost production, and/or personal injury including death.
  • WARNING: Brass products contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not use in connection with drinking water. Wash hands after handling.
Part Number Size Hose ID Material Length Max. OD Hex Weight (Lbs.)
M2S2 1/4" 1/4" steel 2.00" 0.56" N/A 0.0300
M2S3 1/4" 3/8" steel 2.00" 0.56" N/A 0.0500
M3S3 1/4" 3/8" steel 2.25" 0.88" N/A 0.0900