DN7LOBF-NPNF Dixon Valve Aluminum UL Farm and Consumer Diesel Nozzle with Safety Valve - 3/4" NPT Inlet - 15/16" Spout Outlet - 23 GPM Flow Rate (at 20 PSI)

  • $83.93
  • Small 12 volt or AC utility pumps, farm or consumer pumps.
  • Underwriter's Listed
  • Micro-touch valve provides smooth operation and exceptional flow control
  • Pure PTFE stem packing eliminates leaks
  • Heavy duty, strong, secure hook makes it easy to hang the nozzle on the pump
  • Roto-matic latch pin provides positive auto shut-off
  • Smartguard snap-on scuff guard, black
  • Super tough nylon rear back clip
  • "No pressure, no flow" (NPNF) safety valve prevents the trigger from being held open if pressure is not present
Safety Notes:
  • These nozzles are not for use with gravity flow tanks (for gravity flow please see the 900 Series Nozzles).
Part Number Female NPT Inlet Spout Outlet Approximate Flow Rate at 20 PSI (GPM) Service Scuff Guard Color Weight (Lbs.)
DN7UOBF-NPNF 3/4" 13/16" 18 GPM Gasoline Black 3.0000
DN7LOBF-NPNF 3/4" 15/16" 23 GPM Diesel Green 3.0000
DFN100F-NPNF 1" 1-1/8" 27 GPM Diesel Yellow 3.7500