ENBL Dixon Valve 3/4" NPT Anodized Aluminum Flomax Standard Series Connector - Engine Oil Nozzle Ball Lock

  • $303.92
  • The FloMAX standard series connectors consist of four color-coded mating connectors. They have all-metal construction with stainless steel wear components and anodized aircraft grade aluminum non-wear components. Each has easily recognizable labeling and is fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standards.
  • Easily recognizable labeling
  • Fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standards
  • Universally fits all crankcase receivers, both R-series and Standard series
  • Incorporates 10 locking balls with a 40% deeper engagement
  • Resistant to clogging with a greater ease of cleaning
  • Smooth actuation
  • Larger diameter pullback lanyard
  • All-metal construction
  • Stainless steel wear components
  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum non-wear components
Part Number Description Male Thread Weight (Lbs.)
ENBL Engine nozzle ball lock 3/4" NPT 0.5900
ENBL-P Engine nozzle ball lock with plug 3/4" NPT 0.6900
ENBL-PLUG Engine nozzle plug 3/4" NPT 0.0700