FN600 Dixon Valve Flomax Diesel Fuel Nozzle - Dog Latch Mechanism with Sealing Plug

  • $1,057.99
  • Designed for on-site refueling of construction, mining, forestry and agricultural equipment.
  • Integrated high flow swivel.
  • Tested to 180 gallons per minute.
  • Investment cast aluminum housing.
  • Anodized aluminum non-wear parts.
  • Stainless steel wear components.
  • Delron® bushings eliminate metal-to-metal wear.
  • Interchanges with Caterpillar® and Wiggins systems.
Part Number Description Female NPT Thread Weight (Lbs.)
FN600 Dog latch mechanism with sealing plug 1-1/2" 7.8700
FN600BL Ball lock with sealing plug 1-1/2" 6.8000
FN600B-PLUG Sealing plug for FN600 N/A 0.4200
FN600B Sealing plug for FN600BL N/A 0.4200