FT620S Dixon Valve API Compatible Rack Cord - Model FT620 - API Optic Assembly - Plug with 20ft Straight Cable

  • $487.33
  • API loading rack cords are used to connect the loading rack monitor to the socket on the fuel tanker.
  • Compatible with API optic configurations.
  • Cord sets are interchangeable with Civacon and Scully.
  • All wiring is compatible with standard Sully color codes and wiring number configurations.
  • The 9 pin conductor is shielded to be compatible with the Scully VIP system.
  • Plug body is reinforced Nylon.
  • Button contacts are 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion or galling.
  • Cord features a heavy, highly visible, safety orange jacket to meet trip hazard requirements.
  • Cord is bonded mechanically and has superior abrasion and oil resistance.
Replacement Parts:
Part Number Description Weight (Lbs.)
FT620 Blue plug with 6 contact pins and 3 J slots, on a 30ft coiled orange cable (US) 14.0000
FT620S Blue plug with 6 contact pins and 3 J slots, on a 20ft straight orange cable (US) 12.0000