Hose Dog Tag Starter Kit (with free activation of account)

  • $249.00

Once you find out how easy it is to tag and track your own hoses, you'll wonder why it took you so long to find this service! HoseDog.com was built from 25 years of hose experiece and coupled with the talents of a programming team that focuses on solutions to our industry.

The back end of hose dog is straight forward and easy to use, and takes into account multiple hoses on an order by entering a start and ending hose dog number - you can let the computer do the work for you. What's also nice is that your information is stored on the internet - accessable from any device including mobile device that is connected to the internet. No software to install, Hose dog will fetch your data when you need to know.

How long has your hose been in service? What were the fittings on it, or the length? Was there abrasion sleeve on it? All the information you will need is at your fingertips when you use HoseDog.

Attention hose assembly manufacturers- HoseDog is built with you in mind. When your customer goes to hosedog.com - it is YOU that will come up as the manufacturer and is set up with the ability to have them email you for a re-quote and re-purchase. Save on lost sales, make it easy to know what they want again! HoseDog is an invaluable tool that is designed for repeat business.

You will receive free activation of your accont ($99.00 value) as well as 1,000 hose dog tags to serialize your hoses. Works with hoses up to 2 1/2" outside diameter and with modification, you can use it on any length assembly you want. Some customers track non-hose items - it's that easy.