FF-04 1/4" ISO 16028 Flush Face / Flat Face Kit

  • $38.00

Includes Plated Steel ISO 16028 Flush Face Male Plug and Female Coupler, Plug Dust Cap, Coupler Dust Plug, and 2 adapters male pipe x female o-ring boss. Allows for both Female Pipe and Female O-Ring Boss connections on ISO Standard Flush Face connections.

Direct Interchange/Replacement for these popular manufacturers:

Parker: FEM-251-4FP / FEM-252-4FP
Dixon: 2HTF2 / HT2F2
Stucchi: F.A7-1/4-NPT / M.FIRG-1/4-NPT
Eaton: 6FFS25 / 6FFP25
Gates: 4FQFF-4FP / 4MQFF-4FP