Dixon Valve 316 Stainless Steel Marine Safety Break-Away Coupling - Female NPT x Female NPT

  • $1,597.93
  • Coupling is designed to minimize spillage and damage associated with pull away incidents.
  • Typically used in ship-to-offshore platform and ship-to-ship product transfer operations.
  • Designed to be installed within a hose string where the coupling will have a length of hose attached to both sides.
  • Coupling automatically senses an excessive load, closes the valves and disconnects
  • Release is executed when force causes bolts to break.
  • Viton® O-rings.
  • Note: Pressure rating is given at ambient temperature 70 deg. F.
  • The safety break-away valve consists of two halves, each with a valve that has an O-ring seal. When the safety break-away couplings separate, it allows the valves to close. The two valves close rapidly, minimizing exposure to personnel and the environment.
  • Safety break-away couplings have three external break bolts. In the case of axial tension all of the bolts take up the force corresponding to the break force on the hose with a safety margin. Non-axial forces concentrate the tension forces more strongly on one bolt, so that the safety break-away coupling reacts in a natural way to the reduction of the hose break forces.
Part Number Size DN Size Seal Length Width Working Pressure Flow Weight (Lbs.)
MSBC200SS 2" 50 Viton® 7" 4.5" 360 PSI 200 GPM 3.0700
MSBC300SS 3" 80 Viton® 11" 6.8" 360 PSI 650 GPM 20.9500
MSBC400SS 4" 100 Viton® 12" 8.3" 360 PSI 800 GPM 36.3000
MSBC500SS 5" 125 Viton® 14" 10.6" 360 PSI 1100 GPM 40.5000