PL300 Dixon Valve Aluminum In-Line Lubricator - 1.4 fluid ounce Oil Capacity

  • $55.77
  • Designed to protect portable or stationary air tools by efficiently oiling the tool mechanisms.
  • Each time an air tool is operated, a fine mist of oil is injected into it along with the air from the compressor.
  • Installation is recommended within 25 feet of the tool to be lubricated.
  • Transparent sight disc allows visual inspection of oil level.
  • Oil flow regulated by screwdriver screw adjustment.
  • Minimum flow rate is 30 SCFM.
  • Not recommended for constant flow applications. For reciprocating tools only.
  • Type of oil to use: Use any petroleum-based, non-detergent light weight oil (SAE 10/150SSU) which will readily break up into a mist, i.e., Mobil DTE light or comparable oil. Do not use any synthetic oil or oils containing additives or solvents.
Replcement Parts
Part Number NPT Size Oil Capacity Max. Working Pressure at Ambient Temperature (70 deg. F) Air Flow at 70 PSI Material Weight (Lbs)
PL300 1/2" 1.4 fl oz 500 (34.01 bar) 30 SCFM Aluminum 0.8800
PL400 3/4" 3.7 fl oz 200 (13.61 bar) 70 SCFM Aluminum 1.5800
PL400L 3/4" 11.0 fl oz 300 (20.41 bar) 70 SCFM Aluminum 2.5700
PL500 1" 16.0 fl oz 250 (17.01 bar) 100 SCFM Aluminum 4.6800