RGB8 Dixon Valve 3/4" 316 Stainless Steel Ground Joint - Female Spud

  • $35.39
  • Recommended for steam service up to 450 deg. F.
  • Use with Boss Clamps and Boss Ground Joint Fittings.
  • Works with existing fittings.
  • A leak-proof seal is formed when the metal head of the stem makes contact with the patented polymer seat in the spud.
  • The non-metallic polymer seat resists most chemicals found in manufacturing facilities.
  • Easy to seal.
  • Note: Worn-out hose couplings can be dangerous. They should be checked regularly and replaced when necessary. Each coupling user should review applications and add safety devices where indicated.
  • Note: Pressurized steam is an extremely dangerous commodity. Only hose, fittings, clamps and accessory items that have been approved for steam service should ever be used! Never use an unapproved item for steam service. Always follow the manufacturer's product recommendations for pressurized steam handling.
Part Number Size Seat Weight (Lbs.)
RGB8 3/4" Polymer 0.6500
RGB13 1" Polymer 0.5500
RGB18 1-1/4" Polymer 1.0050
RGB23 1-1/2" Polymer 1.3050
RGB28 2" Polymer 1.3500