S-5TW / FC807-05 Eaton Aeroquip Everflex PTFE Hose FC807-5

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  • Everflex smooth bore hose made from Teflon resin is specified in many of the most difficult applications across various industries. The extruded tube has excellent flex life, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. Additionally, Everflex hose is an excellent choice in applications requiring steam cleaning of an assembly or transfer of a highly viscous media, such as adhesives, paints or food products. The 304 stainless steel wire reinforcement provides the strength necessary to carry the working pressure and the durability to withstand harsh environments. The optional 316 stainless steel braid is ideal for more corrosive environments. High temperature hydraulic and pneumatic systems, such as those found in steel mills, foundries and transit buses, are ideal locations to offer Everflex hose as a problem solver. Materials meet 21-CFR-177.1550 for use in food handling applications.


Application: Steam, Compressor Discharge, Chemical Transfer SAE Rating: SAE 100R14A
Tube: Non-conductive Teflon Reinforcement: One or two layers of stainless steel wire braid
Cover: One or two layers of stainless steel wire braid Temperature Range: -73°C to + 260°C (-100°F to +500°F)
Crimp Fittings: Everflex Crimp Fittings Reusable Fittings: Everflex Reusable Fittings
Part Number Hose I.D. Hose O.D. Working Pressure Min. Burst Pressure Min. Bend Radius Hose Weight Vacuum Service Crimp Sockets
mm in mm in bar PSI bar PSI mm in Kg/m lbs/ft In/hg
304 Stainless Steel Braid
S-4TW 4.8 0.19 8.2 0.32 207 bar 3000 PSI 827 bar 12000 PSI 50.8 2 0.09 0.06 28 GH25848-4S
S-5TW 6.4 0.25 10.1 0.4 207 bar 3000 PSI 827 bar 12000 PSI 76.2 3 0.12 0.08 28 GH25848-5S
S-6TW 7.9 0.31 11.6 0.46 172 bar 2500 PSI 689 bar 10000 PSI 101.6 4 0.15 0.1 28‡ GH25848-6S
S-8TW 10.4 0.41 14.3 0.56 138 bar 2000 PSI 552 bar 8000 PSI 127 5 0.18 0.12 28‡ GH25848-8S
S-10TW 12.7 0.5 16.8 0.66 121 bar 1750 PSI 483 bar 7000 PSI 165.1 6.5 0.25 0.17 28‡ GH25848-10S
S-12TW 15.7 0.62 20.1 0.79 103 bar 1500 PSI 414 bar 6000 PSI 190.5 7.5 0.28 0.19 28‡ GH25848-12S
S-16TW 22.4 0.88 26.9 1.06 69 bar 1000 PSI 276 bar 4000 PSI 228.6 9 0.4 0.27 12‡ GH25848-16S
316 Stainless Steel Braid
S-4TW316SS 4.8 0.19 8.2 0.32 207 bar 3000 PSI 827 bar 12000 PSI 50.8 2 0.09 0.06 28 GH25848-4S
S-16TW316SS 22.4 0.88 26.9 1.06 62 bar 900 PSI 248 bar 3600 PSI 228.6 9 0.4 0.27 12‡ GH25848-16S
Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont used under license by Eaton. WARNING: These hoses can be used to convey hazardous chemicals, steam, hot liquids or other dangerous materials which can cause death, serious bodily injury including burns, pressure wounds or chemical exposure if released accidentally. They should, therefore, only be handled or worked on by personnel properly trained in the safe handling of the materials or chemicals conveyed in the hoses. ‡ Maximum negative pressure for -16 and larger are suitable for hose which has suffered no external damage or kinking. If greater negative pressures are required for -16 and larger hoses, the use of an internal support coil is recommended. Use of an internal support coil in -06 and larger hose is recommended for tube support where extended or continuous service at high temperature together with low or negative pressure is expected. Every attempt has been taken to provide accurate detailed usable information online, however please consult Eaton and Eaton Aeroquip handbooks for the most accurate and up to date data and specifics. All liability of Eaton products warrantied and guaranteed by manufacturer. Eaton hose and fittings are engineered to match Eaton Aeroquip hose and fitting tolerances. The use of Eaton fittings on hose supplied by other manufacturers may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended or authorized by Eaton Corporation, HoseKit.com, or any other entity. Consult current master catalog for additional warnings and cautions.