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Get a Custom Hose Assembly!

Please provide either exact part composition of your desired Hose Assembly or the following information:

  1. Desired Internal Diameter.
  2. Desired Outside Diameter if relevant.
  3. Overall Length of the hose assembly.
  4. Temperature range for media inside and outside of the assembly.
  5. Application of the assembly.
  6. Internal media of the assembly (Hydraulic Fluid, LNG, Sulphuric Acid, etc.).
  7. Max Working Pressure.
  8. Vacuum Inches of Hg if applicable.
  9. Required end fittings.
  10. Additional accessories required.

Other considerations:

  • Do you need this assembly in a rush? 
  • How many do you need? 
  • Do you need any Certifications or Testing?
  • Do you need any special packaging?

If you are requesting a formal quote, you must include your company name and address. If this information is not included the quoting process will be delayed.

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