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1168PX5X6 by Danfoss | Push to Connect Plus Adapter | Male Connector | 5/16" Tube OD x 3/8" Male Pipe | Nickel Plated Brass

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Aeroquip® by Danfoss
Push to Connect Plus Adapter - Male Connector

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Specifications for SKU: 1168PX5X6 Danfoss
Shape (Orientation): Straight
Ends Configuration: 5/16in Push-to-Connect X 3/8in Male NPT
Material(s): Nickel Plated Brass
  • Danfoss is proud to announce three design changes to Push>Connect products. The introduction of a low profile, sure-seal design for male NPTF threaded fittings is here. Also, an improved collet design will allow use with all types of tubing from Nylon to 90A durometer Polyurethane, including Polyethylene, and PVC tubing. Lastly, the male swivel design provides greater strength and stability.
  • Perfect Thread Seal: A captured Teflon® ring around the base of the hex shoulder, seals similar to a reusable (SAE type) seal eliminates thread sealant and loose particles associated with thread sealant.
  • Lower Profile: Push>Connect Plus has a lower profile for those tight places. A shorter thread design eliminates exposed threads where dirt and bacteria can collect (ideal for food processing and hygienic applications).
  • More Versatility: The new brass collet is designed for use with all types of tubing from Nylon to 90A durometer Polyurethane, including Polyethylene, and PVC tubing.
  • Super-Quick Installations: New short thread length means fewer turns and super-quick installations.
  • Improved Swivel Design: Strength and stability have been engineered into the new male swivel.
Used With:
  • Nylon, 90A durometer Polyurethane, Polyethylene, PVC tubing
  • Brass, Nickel Plated
Nickel Plated Brass
Part Number
Tube O.D.
Male Pipe
1168PX2 1/8" 1/8" 0.346" 0.551" 0.200" 0.728" 12mm 2.5mm
1168PX2X4 1/8" 1/4" 0.346" 0.629" 0.255" 0.807" 14mm 2.5mm
1168X2.5A 5/32" 10-32* 0.346" 0.411" 0.177" 0.807" 9mm 2.0mm
1168PX2.5 5/32" 1/8" 0.346" 0.551" 0.200" 0.728" 12mm 2.5mm
1168PX2.5X4 5/32" 1/4" 0.346" 0.629" 0.255" 0.807" 14mm 2.5mm
1168X4A 1/4" 10-32* 0.460" 0.551" 0.177" 0.905" 12mm 2.0mm
1168PX4 1/4" 1/8" 0.460" 0.551" 0.200" 0.807" 12mm 4.0mm
1168PX4X4 1/4" 1/4" 0.460" 0.629" 0.255" 0.846" 14mm 4.0mm
1168PX4X6 1/4" 3/8" 0.460" 0.866" 0.294" 0.885" 19mm 4.0mm
1168PX5 5/16" 1/8" 0.539" 0.629" 0.200" 0.945" 14mm 5.0mm
1168PX5X4 5/16" 1/4" 0.539" 0.629" 0.255" 0.945" 14mm 6.0mm
1168PX5X6 5/16" 3/8" 0.539" 0.866" 0.294" 0.924" 19mm 6.0mm
1168PX6X2 3/8" 1/8" 0.610" 0.776" 0.200" 1.082" 17mm 5.0mm
1168PX6 3/8" 1/4" 0.610" 0.776" 0.255" 1.102" 17mm 7.0mm
1168PX6X6 3/8" 3/8" 0.610" 0.866" 0.294" 0.945" 19mm 7.0mm
1168PX6X8 3/8" 1/2" 0.610" 1.004" 0.335" 0.984" 22mm 7.0mm
1168PX8 1/2" 3/8" 0.720" 0.866" 0.294" 1.161" 19mm 10.0mm
1168PX8X4 1/2" 1/4" 0.720" 0.866" 0.255" 1.161" 19mm 7.0mm
1168PX8X8 1/2" 1/2" 0.720" 1.004" 0.335" 1.062" 22mm 10.0mm

* UNF Thread

Danfoss (Eaton - Aeroquip)

Danfoss (Eaton - Aeroquip)

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