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1503-6 Aeroquip by Danfoss | Textile & Wire Braided Hose | SAE 100R5, SAE J1402 | 0.31" ID


Aeroquip® by Danfoss
1503 Series | Textile & Wire Braided General Purpose Hose

Purchased Lengths of hose will be multiple pieces unless Product Option or Title specifies Exact Length.

Sold as Bulk Footage at no Exact Length. Purchased Quantity may come in multiple lengths.
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Specifications for Variant SKU: 1503-6 Danfoss
Brand: Aeroquip
Series: 1503 Series
Hose Color(s): Black
Dash Size: -6
Internal Diameter: 0.31in
Outer Diameter: 0.68in
MAWP: 2250
Tubing Construction: Synthetic Rubber
Cover Construction: Textile Braid
Applicable Specs & Approvals: D.O.T. FMVSS 106,SAE 100R5,SAE J1402
Hose Properties:
Application: Hydraulics, air, gasoline, fuel and lubricating oils. SAE Ratings: Meets: SAE 100R5, SAE J1402, DOT/FMVSS 106 Type AII
Other Ratings: N/A Tube: Synthetic Rubber
Reinforcement: Textile Inner Braid, Single Wire Braid Cover: Black Textile Braid
Operating Temperature: -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C)
Air not to Exceed: +71°C (+160°F)
Part Number Hose ID Hose OD Max. Operating Pressure Min. Burst Pressure Min. Bend Radius Vacuum Service Weight
DN mm in mm in bar psi bar psi mm in kPa in/Hg kg/m lbs/ft
1503-4 5 4,8mm 0.19" 13,2mm 0.52" 210,0 bar 3000 psi 840,0 bar 12000 psi 76,2mm 3.00" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,19 kg/m 0.13 lbs/ft
1503-5 6 6,4mm 0.25" 14,7mm 0.58" 210,0 bar 3000 psi 840,0 bar 12000 psi 85,9mm 3.38" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,24 kg/m 0.16 lbs/ft
1503-6 8 7,9mm 0.31" 17,3mm 0.68" 157,0 bar 2250 psi 630,0 bar 9000 psi 101,6mm 4.00" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,27 kg/m 0.23 lbs/ft
1503-8 10 10,4mm 0.41" 19,6mm 0.77" 140,0 bar 2000 psi 560,0 bar 8000 psi 117,3mm 4.62" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,32 kg/m 0.26 lbs/ft
1503-10 12 12,7mm 0.50" 23,4mm 0.92" 122,0 bar 1750 psi 490,0 bar 7000 psi 139,7mm 5.50" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,49 kg/m 0.37 lbs/ft
1503-12 16 16,0mm 0.63" 27,4mm 1.08" 105,0 bar 1500 psi 420,0 bar 6000 psi 165,1mm 6.50" 94,8 kPa 28 in/Hg 0,58 kg/m 0.46 lbs/ft
1503-16 19 22,4mm 0.88" 31,2mm 1.23" 56,0 bar 800 psi 224,0 bar 3200 psi 187,5mm 7.38" 67,7 kPa 20 in/Hg* 0,55 kg/m 0.44 lbs/ft
1503-20 25 28,4mm 1.12" 38,1mm 1.50" 43,0 bar 625 psi 175,0 bar 2500 psi 228,6mm 9.00" 67,7 kPa 20 in/Hg* 0,68 kg/m 0.52 lbs/ft
1503-24 31 35,1mm 1.38" 44,5mm 1.75" 35,0 bar 500 psi 140,0 bar 2000 psi 266,7mm 10.50" 50,8 kPa 15 in/Hg* 0,92 kg/m 0.67 lbs/ft
1503-32 38 46,0mm 1.81" 56,6mm 2.23" 24,0 bar 350 psi 98,0 bar 1400 psi 336,6mm 13.25" 37,3 kPa 11 in/Hg* 1,28 kg/m 0.94 lbs/ft
1503-40 60 60,1mm 2.38" 73,2mm 2.88" 24,0 bar 350 psi 98,0 bar 1400 psi 609,6mm 24.00" 37,3 kPa 11 in/Hg* 2,11 kg/m 1.43 lbs/ft

* Maximum negative pressures shown for -16 and larger are suitable only for those which has suffered no external damage or kinking. If greater negative pressures are required for -16 and larger hoses, the use of an internal support coil is recommended.

Bulk / By the Foot: We sell Danfoss hose in "Bulk Length" unless otherwise specified in the title or option selector as "Exact Length". When you buy "Bulk Length" hose you are agreeing to buy multiple lengths that add up to the length you purchased. If your length can be supplied as a single piece then it will be, but there can be no assurance of this even if you contact us. If you need a single piece then you can select an "Exact Length" option or Contact Us for a quote.

Warning! Danfoss hose and fittings are engineered to match Danfoss Aeroquip hose and fitting tolerances. The use of Danfoss fittings on hose supplied by other manufacturers may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended or authorized by Danfoss Corporation, Murdock Industrial Inc., or any other entity. Consult current master catalog for additional warnings and cautions.

Danfoss (Eaton - Aeroquip)

Danfoss (Eaton - Aeroquip)

Danfoss is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably. Danfoss hydraulic pumps, motors, transmissions, valves, cylinders, controls, hose and fittings offer a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design that translates directly into reliable performance and enhanced uptime.

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