34BA-06007 Eaton Synflex Breathing Air Hose - 300 Ft Continuous length

  • $422.32


  • Self-contained rescue air tanks
  • Breathing air lines for asbestos removal
  • Sand blasting breathing apparatus
  • Bright, safety yellow cover
  • Lightweight, kink-resistance design
  • Clean, non-contaminating thermoplastic core tube
  • Abrasion resistant cover
Agency Listings: Meets MIL-H-2815 off-gassing requirements Tube: Polyester lined
Cover: Yellow Perforated Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Reinforcement: Synthetic fiber
Operating Parameters: Temperature rage -26°C to +66°C (-15°F to +150°F) Synflex Fittings: Synflex Fittings

New Part Number Hose Size Hose I.D. Hose O.D. Maximum Operating Pressure Burst Pressure Minimum Bend Radius Weight Package
DN mm in mm in bar psi bar psi mm in kg/m lbs/ft
34BA-06007 -06 10 9,5 0.38 17,7 0.70 17 250 69 1000 38,0 1.50 0,20 0.13 300 ft Continuous Length
34BA-06-300BX -06 10 9,5 0.38 17,7 0.70 17 250 69 1000 38,0 1.50 0,20 0.13 300 ft Random Length

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Warning! Eaton hose and fittings are engineered to match Eaton Aeroquip hose and fitting tolerances. The use of Eaton fittings on hose supplied by other manufacturers may result in the production of unreliable and unsafe hose assemblies and is neither recommended or authorized by Eaton Corporation, Murdock Industrial Inc., or any other entity. Consult current master catalog for additional warnings and cautions.