5204 Dixon Valve Aluminum Load/Unload API Valve with Sight Glass, ALH Nose Ring - 7in Length

  • $377.65
  • Used for bottom loading and unloading of petroleum tankers, Load/unload valve permits both terminal loading, and fuel unloading through the valve.
  • Unique fluid flow sight level.
  • Ergonomically curved handle operates on a short 62 deg. degree stroke.
  • Any required maintenance is simplified, Dixon Bayco API Valves can be completely rebuilt without the need to remove the valve from the tanker.
  • Nose ring is anodized hard coat aluminum, which in most applications will provide years of trouble free service. Nose ring can be rotated to provide a fresh connection service.
  • Manufactured to American Petroleum Institute standard API RP-1004, which allows for positive connection to drop adapters and rack couplers such as the Dixon Bayco 5300/5400 series rack coupler.
  • Aluminum body with anodized hard coat aluminum nose ring and stainless steel hardware.
  • Fixed aluminum handle.
  • Nylon sight glass.
  • Baylast™ seals.
Part Number Seal Style Length Weight (Lbs.)
5204 Baylast™ Sight glass and fixed handle 7" 12.5200