5300 Dixon Valve 4" Aluminum API Coupler with Bonded Nose Seal - Buna

  • $1,096.83
  • API couplers are used at the petroleum loading rack for bottom loading of petroleum tankers. They are mounted to the rack loading arm, using the built in 4" TTMA flange connection. When the empty Petroleum tanker pulls into the loading rack to load, the API couplers are connected to the API valves on the tanker. The connection interface consists of a poppet and a plunger, which ensures a positive spill free connection.
  • Modular design, allows various face seal combinations to be compatible with different alternative fuel / performance levels and applications.
  • No special tools need for maintenance, very easy.
  • Shaft seals can be changed without removing coupler from loading arm.
  • Locking 5 cam design for easy alignment and tight connection and safety interlock to help ensure coupler properly attached before valve opens.
  • Ball-end handle for easy, comfortable operation.
  • Bonded nose seal offers a long life and cannot be washed out.
  • Manufactured to American Petroleum Institute standard API RP-1004, which allows for positive connection to API valves such as the Dixon Bayco 5204 series API valves.
  • Pressure drop of only 3 to 4 PSI.
  • Peak Surge Pressure: 350 PSI.
  • 356 T6 aluminum anodized hard coat body with aluminum handle and stainless steel hardware.
  • Buna seals.
  • Hardened 17-4PH stainless steel link, shaft, pin and crank.
  • Stainless steel cam.
Part Number Size Seal Maximum Operating Pressure Flow Weight (Lbs.)
5300 4" Buna 150 PSI 600 GPM maximum 22.0500
5300B 4" FKM-B 150 PSI 600 GPM maximum 19.5000
5300G 4" FKM-GFLT 150 PSI 600 GPM maximum N/A
5300BC 4" FKM-B with stainless wave spring 150 PSI 600 GPM maximum 19.5000