9DP4MO6XMFS6-NI-V (DP8603-NI-V) Super Swivel 90° Dual Plane 9/16-18 Male O-Ring ORB x 11/16-16 Male Face Seal MFS - 0.250" Through Hole - Electroless Nickel - Viton Seal

  • $81.27
  • 90° Dual Plane Swivels rotating joints provide free rotation on two axis's with a right-angle change of path.
  • By having two lines with full rotation the complexity of hose lines can be reduced providing minimal friction and allowing free movement of hoses and piping.
  • 90° Dual Plane Super Swivels allow for sharp corners with reduced risk of kinks and flow restriction and free rotation on two paths.
  • Super Swivels are not recommended for breathing air/oxygen or steam.
  • All swivels have 4 to 1 proof pressure, except 10,000 PSI = 3 to 1 proof pressure.
  • Any series stem will fit with the same series body.
Base Material and Plating:
  • Super Swivels are manufactured from Carbon Steel or 304 and 440C Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel Zinc (Z) Plating is recommended for non-corrosive applications, i.e. hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.
  • Carbon Steel Nickel (NI) Plating is recommended for mildly corrosive environments, i.e. water, mild chemicals, solvents, etc.
  • 304 Stainless Steel (304) is recommended for low pressure corrosive environments.
  • 440C Stainless Steel (440) is a martensitic, high carbon, magnetic stainless steel, heat-treated to maintain a high-pressure rating. Not as corrosion resistant as 300 Series Stainless Steel.
Seal Material:
  • (V) Viton® (Fluorocarbon) - For most petroleum based applications. (-15 deg. F to 250 deg. F)
  • (AL) Aflas® (Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene copolymer) - Better resistance to many individual chemicals. For service in high temperature environments. (Low temperature limitations.) (+32 deg. F to 400 deg. F)
  • (PFA) PFA Teflon® - High resistance to many individual chemicals where Teflon seals are required. (1,500 max psi) (-15 deg. F to 400 deg. F)
  • (ETP) Extreme Viton® - High resistance to many individual chemicals. (-6ºF to 437ºF)
Part Number Material Seal Overall
Body Wrench / Hex Body T1 Stem T2 Dim.
9DP4MO6XMFS6-Z-V Zinc Viton 2.792" 2.215" 1.000" 0.625" 11/16-16 UN 9/16-18 UN 2.609" 5000 PSIG 0.250"
9DP4MO6XMFS6-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP4MO6XMFS6-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP4MO6XMFS6-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP4MO6XMFS6-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP4MO6XMFS6-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP4MO6XMFS6-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP8MO8XMFS8-Z-V Zinc Viton 3.169" 2.376" 1.375" 1.000" 13/16-16 UN 3/4-16 UN 2.912" 5000 PSIG 0.297"
9DP8MO8XMFS8-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP8MO8XMFS8-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP8MO8XMFS8-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP8MO8XMFS8-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP8MO8XMFS8-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP8MO8XMFS8-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP8MO10XMFS10-Z-V Zinc Viton 3.291" 2.498" 1.375" 1.000" 1-14 UN 7/8-14 UN 3.018" 5000 PSIG 0.291"
9DP8MO10XMFS10-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP8MO10XMFS10-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP8MO10XMFS10-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP8MO10XMFS10-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP8MO10XMFS10-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP8MO10XMFS10-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP12MO12XMFS12-Z-V Zinc Viton 3.615" 2.749" 1.560" 1.375" 1-3/16-12 UN 1-1/16-12 UN 3.239" 4500 PSIG 0.391"
9DP12MO12XMFS12-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP12MO12XMFS12-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP12MO12XMFS12-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP12MO12XMFS12-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP12MO12XMFS12-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP12MO12XMFS12-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP16MO16XMFS16-Z-V Zinc Viton 4.370" 3.411" 1.810" 1.625" 1-7/16-12 UN 1-5/16-12 UN 3.970" 4000 PSIG 0.484"
9DP16MO16XMFS16-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP16MO16XMFS16-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP16MO16XMFS16-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP16MO16XMFS16-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP16MO16XMFS16-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP16MO16XMFS16-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP20MO20XMFS20-Z-V Zinc Viton 4.934" 3.755" 2.188" 1.875" 1-11/16-12 UN 1-5/8-12 UN 4.446" 4000 PSIG 0.718"
9DP20MO20XMFS20-Z-PFA Zinc Teflon
9DP20MO20XMFS20-Z-ETP Zinc Extreme Viton®
9DP20MO20XMFS20-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton
9DP20MO20XMFS20-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP20MO20XMFS20-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP20MO20XMFS20-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®
9DP24MO24XMFS24-NI-V Electroless Nickel Viton 5.810" 4.540" 2.375" 2.125" 2-12 UN 1-7/8-12 UN 5.116" 4000 PSIG 0.844"
9DP24MO24XMFS24-NI-AL Electroless Nickel AFLAS
9DP24MO24XMFS24-NI-PFA Electroless Nickel Teflon
9DP24MO24XMFS24-NI-ETP Electroless Nickel Extreme Viton®