FL96-2 Dixon Valve 6" Plated Carbon Steel Style FL Long Style External Swage Ferrule - Hose OD from 7-5/64" to 7-12/64"

  • $155.43

  • Recommended for use on most one and two wire braid reinforced hoses, fiber reinforced (braided or spiraled) with or without helical wire such as: oil and suction discharge hose, barge and dock loading and unloading hose as well as L.P. gas hose, anhydrous ammonia hose, acid chemical hose and air and water hose.
  • Style FL ferrules are extra long and are used with all long style External Swage stems: TML, TGL and TPL styles.
  • The coupling system requires no bolts and results in a clean coupling with no protrusions.
  • The Holedall coupling provides long-lasting efficiency and safety.
Safety Notes:
  • The selection of ferrules is very important to achieve proper coupling-to-hose assembly.
  • Dixon Holedall stems and ferrules are specifically designed to be used together as a coupling system.
  • Due to differences in dimensions and tolerances, for safety reasons, do not use other manufacturer's stems or ferrules with Dixon Holedall products.
  • Do not use a wrench or vice on ferrule.
  • Holedall couplings, regardless of coupling style, are never to be used for steam service at any pressure.
  • Holedall fittings are not to be used with cable reinforced high-pressure hose, 4 or 6 braid wire hydraulic hose or any other service not listed in the recommendations.
  • Externally swaged Holedall couplings, to perform satisfactorily, must be applied properly in accordance with Dixon's assembly procedures, using correct die and ferrule for that particular hose end OD.
  • Hose service working pressure (including surges and spikes) is never to exceed the maximum recommended working pressure for the fitting. The assembly's (hose + coupling) maximum working pressure is the lesser of the hose rated working pressure or the coupling rated working pressure.
  • Media being transported through the hose should be compatible with the stem material. Compatibility of ferrule material with the environment in which it will be used is recommended.
Hose OD
Part Number Hose ID From To Weight (Lbs.)
FL96-Z* 6" 6-44/64" 6-63/64" 12.8120
FL96-1 6" 7" 7-4/64" 12.8120
FL96-2 6" 7-5/64" 7-12/64" 11.8800
FL96-3 6" 7-13/64" 7-20/64" 16.6250
FL96-4 6" 7-21/64" 7-28/64" 5.3100
FL96-5 6" 7-29/64" 7-36/64" 16.1000
FL96-6 6" 7-37/64" 7-44/64" 13.2800
FL96-7 6" 7-45/64" 7-52/64" 17.8120
FL96-8 6" 7-53/64" 7-60/64" 17.5620
FL96-9 6" 7-61/64" 8" 14.5000
* Requires special stem