FLC2603-10 Dixon Valve Steel Flareless Bite Fitting - Male Tube Union Tee - 5/8" Tube OD

  • $20.65
  • Ideally suited for use with tubing having medium to extra heavy wall thicknesses.
  • 3 piece design including only one ferrule eliminates possible make-up errors that may occur using a twin ferrule tube fitting.
  • Minimal risk of improper assembly as the ferrule visibly bites into the tubing which allows installer to visually inspect the bite quality.
  • Fittings are suitable for sub-zero through elevated temperature applications.
  • Temperature rating is limited by the material chosen.
  • Pressure ratings are determined by the size (OD) and wall thickness (inches/mm) of the tubing on which they are to be installed.
  • Exceeds Military (MIL F18866) and SAE J514 standards.
Assembly Instructions:
  • Cut, de-burr and clean tubing.
  • Pre-set ferrule onto tubing.
  • Inspect ferrule bite in tubing by disassembling the fitting and visually inspecting the de-burred end of tube for slight indentation.
  • Finger tighten nut and then further wrench tighten nut another 1/3 to 1/2 turn.
Part Number Tube OD Material Weight (Lbs)
FLC2603-02 1/8" Steel -
FLC2603-03 3/16" Steel -
FLC2603-04 1/4" Steel -
FLC2603-05 5/16" Steel -
FLC2603-06 3/8" Steel -
FLC2603-08 1/2" Steel -
FLC2603-10 5/8" Steel -
FLC2603-12 3/4" Steel -
FLC2603-16 1" Steel -
FLC2603-20 1-1/4" Steel -