GPA-95-096 Dixon Valve Wilkerson Filter, Regulator, and Lubricator 1/4" NPT Modular Safety Shut-Off Valve - used on F16, F26, R16, R26, L16, L26

  • $70.49
  • Useful for isolating and depressurizing a downstream unit requiring maintenance or replacement.
  • Can be installed immediately upstream of a single unit or combination of units.
  • Secured to the unit with a modular sleeve or modular sleeve wall mounting bracket.
  • Ball-type valve operates with a 1/4 turn from open to shut position.
  • Can be locked in the open position.
  • Left to right flow.
Part Number Use on Description Weight (Lbs.)
GPA-95-096 F16, F26, R16, R26, L16, L26 1/4" NPT safety shut-off valve 0.7930
GPA-95-097 F16, F26, R16, R26, L16, L26 3/8" NPT safety shut-off valve 0.9380
GPA-95-098 F16, F26, R16, R26, L16, L26 1/2" NPT safety shut-off valve 0.7465