GRP-96-739 Dixon Valve Wilkerson Regulator Accessories - Mounting Bracket (Type L) - used on R08

  • $5.21
  • N/A
Part Number Use on Description Weight (Lbs.)
GRP-95-747 R00, RB3 mounting bracket (type L) and nut 0.0800
PS417B R03 mounting bracket 0.0700
GPA-96-737 R08 mounting bracket (type T) with joiner set 0.0500
GPA-97-010 R08 mounting bracket (type C) 0.2185
GRP-96-739 R08 mounting bracket (type L) 0.0900
GPA-96-738 R08 joiner set with port O-ring 0.0265
GPA-95-011 R16 mounting bracket (type L) and nut 0.2990
RRP-95-590 R16, R21, R26, R30, R40 wall mount bracket with 1/4" NPT gauge port adapter 0.4000
RPA-95-947 R26 mounting bracket (type C) and nut 0.3505
GRP-95-734 R30 wall mount, U-bolt pipe clamp 0.5000