MCM3113XL Dixon Valve 3" Type B (Bauer Style) Quick Connect Fitting - Male with Male NPT (Extra Long) - Galvanized Steel

  • $38.07
  • Irrigation and suction lines.
  • The hot dipped, Galvanized quick connect fittings has a double pin locking lever for smooth closing action.
  • Type B (Bauer style) locks on the male side.
  • Each coupler is equipped with a safety pin to prevent accidental openings.
  • These fittings are not recommended for chemicals or any hazardous type materials where the possibility of leakage would result in health or environmental concerns.
Part Number Size Material Weight (Lbs.)
MCM3112XL 2" Galvanized Steel -
MCM3113XL 3" Galvanized Steel -
MCM3114XL 4" Galvanized Steel 11.3000
MCM3116XL 6" Galvanized Steel 24.0000
MCM3118XL 8" Galvanized Steel 34.0000