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NH1650C150B0350 Eaton Aeroquip Self-Restrained Flexmaster Coupling 1.50 Pipe ID


EATON Hydraulics Flexmaster Joints - Joints for Rigid Pipe

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Specifications for Variant SKU: NH1650C150B0350 Eaton
Material(s): Zinc-Plated Steel
Basic Part Number:
  • NH1600
  • NH1650
Allowable Misalignment:
  • ± 4° per end
  • The first letter of the part number is identified as the material code of the gasket, in this case C for Buna-N or N for High Temperature Buna-N. The second letter identifies the material code of the metal which we provide: B for Steel. These are available in stainless steel, please inquire.
Part Number Type Pipe Size Pipe O.D. A B C
in. mm NH1600C038B0200 --- Standard Type Self-Restrained Type .38" .675" 17.1mm 2.00" 50.8mm 1.48" 37.6mm 2.34" 59.4mm
in. mm NH1600C050B0225 NH1650C050B0225 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type .50" .840" 21.3mm 2.25" 57.2mm 1.65" 41.9mm 2.53" 64.3mm
in. mm NH1600C075B0250 NH1650C075B0250 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type .75" 1.050" 26.7mm 2.50" 63.5mm 1.86" 47.2mm 2.75" 69.9mm
in. mm NH1600C100B0288 NH1650C100B0288 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 1.00" 1.315" 33.4mm 2.88" 73.2mm 2.37" 60.2mm 3.48" 88.4mm
in. mm NH1600C125B0325 NH1650C125B0325 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 1.25" 1.660" 42.2mm 3.25" 82.6mm 2.71" 68.8mm 3.85" 97.8mm
in. mm NH1600C150B0350 NH1650C150B0350 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 1.50" 1.900" 48.3mm 3.50" 88.9mm 2.96" 75.2mm 4.11" 104.4mm
in. mm NH1600C200B0400 NH1650C200B0400 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 2.00" 2.375" 60.3mm 4.00" 101.6mm 3.43" 87.1mm 4.60" 116.8mm
in. mm NH1600C250B0650 NH1600N250B0650* NH1650C250B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 2.50" 2.875" 73.0mm 6.50" 165.1mm 4.73" 120.1mm 6.23" 158.2mm
in. mm NH1600C300B0650 NH1650C300B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 3.00" 3.500" 88.9mm 6.50" 165.1mm 5.36" 136.1mm 6.87" 174.5mm
in. mm NH1600C350B0650 NH1650C350B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 3.50" 4.000" 101.6mm 6.50" 165.1mm 5.86" 148.8mm 7.38" 187.5mm
in. mm NH1600C400B0650 NH1650C400B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 4.00" 4.500" 114.3mm 6.50" 165.1mm 6.36" 161.5mm 7.89" 200.5mm
in. mm NH1600C500B0650** NH1650C500B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 5.00" 5.563" 141.4mm 6.50" 165.1mm 8.22" 208.8mm 10.62" 269.7mm
in. mm NH1600C600B0650** NH1650C600B0650 Standard Type Self-Restrained Type 6.00" 6.625" 168.3mm 6.50" 165.1mm 8.86" 225.0mm 11.24" 285.5mm

* High Temperature Buna-N

** Sleeve in this size is cylindrical (no-bulge). Allowable misalignment is 2 per end for this size. Please identify the correct joint before ordering! Flexmaster joints are non-returnable! Standard Steel with Buna N gaskets are listed online, to order with Nitrile, Silicone, Florocarbon or EPDM please contact us for a quote.

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Danfoss (Eaton - Aeroquip)

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