300GTFEP Dixon Valve PTFE Envelope Cam and Groove Gasket - PTFE with Ethylene Propylene Filler - 3"

  • $9.15
  • The torque (force) required to close the handles on a pair of cam and groove fittings will vary according to the gasket chosen.
  • Due to the nature of the PTFE material, the various PTFE gasket designs will require the most torque, increasing as you go from envelope to encapsulated, and finally, accordion.
  • Maximum operating temperatures for specific chemicals may be lower.
Part Number Size Color Color Code Weight (Lbs.)
150GTFEP 1-1/2" White / Black 1 White Stripe 0.0230
200GTFEP 2" White / Black 1 White Stripe 0.0300
300GTFEP 3" White / Black 1 White Stripe 0.0505