7935 Eaton Aeroquip Metric Adapter M11x1.5 Bubble Male Thread x 3/16 (M10x1.0) Tube O.D. / Female Thread

  • $2.92

Metric threads are measured and specified by the thread diameter in millimeters and the pitch in millimeters per thread. If dimension "A" is 22mm and dimension "B" (crest to crest distance) is 1.5mm, then the metric thread is M22x1.5.

Bubble Male Thread Tube O.D. / Female Thread Part No.
M10 x 1.0 3/16 (3/8-24) 1442*
M11 x 1.5 3/16 (M10 x 1.0) 7935**
M12 x 1.0 3/16 (M10 x 1.0) 7936**
M13 x 1.5 3/16 (M10 x 1.0) 7937**

*Use S Series Brake Lines. (standard flare) **Use SJ Series Steel Brake Lines (standard flare)