DAA300AL Dixon Valve ISO 45 Aluminum Dry Aviation Tank Unit Adapter x 3" Female NPT with Viton Seals

  • $569.69
  • Dry aviation couplings are designed for use in aviation refueling systems.
  • Use with a composite, Polyeten PE-HD 300 cap, DADC250, for protection against corrosion.
  • High strength aluminum body.
  • All wetted parts are in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Bayonet flange and inner parts are stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Gunmetal coupling ring minimizes the risk of seizure.
  • PTFE bearings between the piston shaft and the piston guide eliminate the risk of seizure.
  • Conical valve seat eliminates the risk of piston blow out when extreme pressure is used.
  • Note: Not configured for under-wing refueling.
  • Manufactured to accept the international standard 2-1/2" point bayonet, hose end refueling nozzles according to: ISO45 / MS24484 / STANAG 3105 / British Aerospace Spec. 2C14.
  • Working pressure is based on PSI at ambient temperature 70 deg. F, for pressure ratings at other temperatures contact Dixon.
Part Number Female NPT Body Size Seal Working Pressure Weight (Lbs.)
DAA250AL 2-1/2" ISO 45 Viton® 150 PSI 3.0000
DAA300AL 3" ISO 45 Viton® 150 PSI 3.0000