DDC100BR Dixon Valve Brass/Gunmetal 56mm Dry Disconnect Hose Unit Coupler x 1" Female NPT with Viton Seals

  • $652.65
  • Dry disconnect couplings are designed for the quick and spill free connection and disconnection of hoses and pipelines. They are used by producers of ink, adhesives, fatty acids, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, petroleum, chemicals, agricultural and a wide variety of common caustic and specialty acids.
  • Use with composite (Polyeten PE-HD 300) plugs for protection against corrosion; plugs withstand hot and cold environments.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings (All wetted parts are stainless steel). Rollers are aluminum-bronze on the stainless steel shaft.
  • Produced to US government bronze specification G.
  • Coupler has built-in swivel.
  • Shaft journal in stainless steel embedded in PTFE to eliminate seizure.
  • The protective ring is a specially formulated, weather resistant and electrically conductive rubber compound.
  • Easy to handle - push and turn - free flow, turn and pull - closed.
  • Time saving - no need to drain hoses or pipe systems.
  • Economical - no loss or spillage of liquids at connection or disconnection.
  • Safety - the valve cannot be opened until the unit is coupled.
  • Environmental friendly - accidental spillage eliminated when properly used.
  • Safe and reliable - due to rugged construction.
  • Product life - uncomplicated design and high quality materials ensures long product life.
  • Produced according to NATO standard STANAG 3756 and ATOFINA SGM 2049.TUY.C.
  • Compatible with Mann-Tek, Avery Hardoll and Todo-matic® and any other product produced according to NATO standard STANAG 3756.
  • Working pressure is based on PSI at ambient temperature 70 deg. F.
Part Number Female Thread Size Body Size Seal Working Pressure Weight (Lbs.)
DDC075BR 3/4" 56mm Viton® 300 PSI 3.1000
DDC100BR 1" 56mm Viton® 300 PSI 3.4600
DDC150BR 1-1/2" 70mm Viton® 300 PSI 5.8000
DDC200BR 2" 70mm Viton® 300 PSI 5.4400
DDC300GM105 3" 105mm Viton® 300 PSI 17.5600
DDC300GM 3" 119mm Viton® 300 PSI 20.6800
DDC400GM 4" 164mm Viton® 300 PSI 38.3500